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In this article, we are going to tell you 10 interesting facts about LPU that you might not know until now.

Lovely Professional University, the private university in Punjab, seems to have a lot to offer. Ranked as one of the best private institutes, Lovely offers over 200 graduate and post-graduate programmes. The University houses a diverse set of students — over thirty thousand from 29 states and 70 countries. A quick look at Lovely’s website really gives you an idea of its scale and reach. There vision and mission read as follows:


To be a premier academic institution, recognised internationally for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, research, internationalisation, entrepreneurship and leadership.


  • To transform education through academic rigour, practical orientation and outcome based teaching.
  • Develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between industry and academia.
  • To undertake impactful research addressing local, national and global challenges.
  • Prepare graduates to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills.
  • To develop global professionals and entrepreneurs with innovative spirit, tolerance and desire to make a difference to the society.

While I personally have never seen the campus, the website does a good job of representing Lovely’s many facilities. But you’re not here to learn about academics (check out the Lovely Professional University website for more information). You’re here to read about interesting facts. But first, let’s look at some of Lovely’s latest news updates, which you can find on the website homepage, before we get into the cool facts.

Latest News about LPU

This news has been taken from the LPU homepage and more information on each can be found there, as well through the provided links.

1) LPU Collaboration With Google

Google and Lovely Professional University recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to introduce new courses specialising in Android Programming. To initiate this, LPU is going to build a Google Centre of Excellence on campus, equipped with essential facilities and Google Chrome books.

Apparently this Centre is one among only a handful in the world. Students will be given the opportunity to use this collaboration as a resource to receive training through Google expertise. In doing so, students will also get an Android certification as part of their syllabus. And finally, there is no additional cost for this training.

The article states that the Chancellor of LPU, Mr. Ashok Mittal said,

Now- a- days, more and more people are using smart phones and most of these phones are powered by Android. As such, each and every company is looking to recruit students who are experts in Android programming.

This historical tie up will strengthen LPU students’ abilities to meet global challenges of industry ready manpower.”

2) LPU Students Win STEM Engagement Award, 2019, by NASA

Students studying Mechanical and Computer science went down in Lovely’s history with pride as they won the STEM Engagement Award, 2019. As par of the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, this award is presented to the team that best informs others about rocketry and other space-related topics. The competition was stiff, with only four teams from Indian of which LPU was one. As such, the University is proud to have such an award presented to its students.

3) India’s First-Ever Self-Driving, Solar-Powered Bus Was Designed by LPU Students

India’s first solar-powered, driverless bus drove for the first time at the Indian Science Congress. Designed and built by a team consisting of LPU students, the bus uses GPS and Bluetooth navigation systems and has a camera on top for image processing. The camera is intended to sense road patterns. Thus, allowing the bus to move in accordance with said patterns, without a driver.

Despite the reprimand that Google’s self-driving cars faced (that is, having killed a woman), the team from LPU persisted with their project.

We have been working on this project for the last five years. Around 300 students, from departments of electronics, electrical and civil and mechanical engineering, have been a part of it. It was a huge project and bringing everyone together itself was a huge challenge,” said Mandeep Singh, project head, Solar Driverless Bus at LPU.

The bus is designed to detect obstacles from around 10 metres away, and comes with a cabin for a driver in case of a network failure. Even though though self-driving cars can be rather dangerous, the achievement of creating one successfully remains noteworthy.

4) LPU Joins Hands With VMware IT Academy

LPU has collaborated with VMware IT Academy and established a vExperience Centre at the University in order to provide its students, and faculty members, with exposure to VMware products such as:

  1. vSphere
  2. vSAN
  3. NSX
  4. Workspace
  5. Airwatch
  6. vCloud.

Through the Centre’s MeetCareer section, students can receive career guidance in course selection based on their interests and skills. The VMware IT Academy is an international network of established colleges and universities that provide students with access to high-quality educational content. Such content includes a certification on VMware technologies.

10 Interesting Facts about LPU

Okay, now let’s get to some of the interesting things that LPU has to offer.


Youth Vibe is a cool, super big, annual youth fest where over 10 communities are given the opportunity to compete in artistic, dramatical, musical and theatrical performances. They are to win the audience over through such expression. The link above takes you to a video of Youth Vibe performances.


This is a pretty cool fact I found. Apparently, LPU’s current database size well over 50 Giga Bites. If one were to print this on A4 size sheets and then proceed to line the sheets one after another, they would cover the distance from Jalandhar City to New Delhi. That’s a lot of paper, and a lot of data.


I got this fact from the same website that I got the previous one from. LPU is the only college in all of Punjab that runs on an electricity hotline, averaging 126 Kilowatts of electricity per day. Power cuts at Lovely do not last more than five seconds, which means that they have incredible generator back up systems.

It seems that there is concern about the wastage of electricity at LPU, with proposals to increase the use of renewables and invest in energy efficient products. One such example is using CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamp) instead of regular bulbs.


One World is an event where students get together and represent different countries of the world. The diversity and scale of the event is what attracts attention. In order to award the participating international students and departments of the University, Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said:

International celebrations teach us emphatically what oneness, friendship, peaceful existence and bonds of togetherness are to exist peacefully in this world. This all can be well understood by working closely and together. I am happy to note that faculty members and students worked together day and night for one-another’s country.”

Such co-activities are real studies of life and humanity. No doubt we all have a distinct identity; however, we all belong to a universal family. These fests guide us to have a warm welcome for others’ peculiarities through such huge participations.


Similar to One World, One India is an event where students get together to represent the colourful culture of India’s various States. Through dance performances and vibrantly themed stalls, this event is as much fun as it is educational.

One again, here is what Chancellor Mr Mittal had to say about the celebration:

In fact, our university annually holds two cultural fests of national and international importance-‘One India’ & ‘One World’. These two fests are to prove that “Diversity” is not just about the innumerable ways people differ, it is primarily about acknowledging the differences and to accommodate these differences willingly for valuable learning”

The sentiment behind these festivals is indeed valuable and is growing in importance as we enter a phase of international unrest — cultural and ethnic bigotry seems to be infecting too many countries.


So, a lot of food is prepared at LPU every day. A LOT. The hostel houses over around 18,000 students. In order to feed them, some 72,000 meals are cooked every day. Chapatis are, of course, a part of these meals. Can you guess how many chapatis are made every day at LPU?

The answer is — 2,88,000. Yup. They use machines to make these chapatis on account of quality. But can you imagine if they made them by hand? What an intense workforce that would be.


The title of the article (link above) is as follows:

“Harness Sustainable Water Management Propositions through Awareness Collaboration among Peoples and Nations” Conclusive day of Conference at LPU

This is perhaps one of the most important things any university could be doing, along with energy conservation. LPU’s School of Bioengineering and Biosciences and the Department of Bio-resources Engineering, McGill University, Canada, brought together 200 scientists, researchers and professors, from across the world.

They met at the LPU campus to recommend effective solutions to utilise polluted water, making it potable through clean methods. People came from numerous different countries. Some of these included — Canada, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Argentina.

As the article states,

The principal objective of the second-day symposium was to bring together 1000+ PhD scholars of the university to share innovative ideas and recommendations. Inaugurating the conclusive day, Conference Chairman & LPU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Ramesh Kanwar made an emphatic appeal to all to “harness sustainable water management propositions and recommendations made at the conference through awareness & collaboration among individuals, peoples and nations.

So, LPU has a water treatment plant that treats 5 million litres of water per day.


I thought this was worth mentioning because who wouldn’t want to participate in an innovate and exciting event like solar car racing. LPU designed and built cars powered by solar energy, placed on top of the car. Then… you race!


Another fun event hosted at LPU, which at this point seems filled to the brim with creativity and innovation. Automobile engineers at the college apparently have a flare for Go Karts. Hence, the University now hosts challenges but exhilarating Go-Kart racing event.


LPU is manned by over 400 full-time security officials and thousands of security cameras, making it one of the safest campuses (and places to be in general) in India. Moreover, their security team employs experience ex-military men and women. Talk about safety in the north. Also, the campus is drug-free.

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We have mentioned 10 interesting facts about LPU. Comment on this post if you know any other interesting facts about LPU, we would love to hear from you.

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