Interesting Facts about NIT Trichy

In this article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about NIT Trichy that you might not know until now.

NIT Trichy is Situated on the banks of Kaveri river, Tamil Naidu. The NIT is formerly known as the Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli. It was started as a joint and co-operative venture of the India Government and the Government of Tamil Naidu in 1964 with a view to catering to the needs of man-power and administrative matters to achieve a rapid development. Because of this rich experience, this institution was granted the Deemed University Status with the approval of the UGC/AICTE and Government of India in the year 2003 and renamed as National Institute of Technology.

There are more around 30 NIT’s in the country, and NIT Trichy has been declared by the India Government as an Institute of National Importance in the NIT Act. About 3500 students are given the admissions in the several undergraduates and postgraduate programs offered by the college. The campus is spread more than 80 acres and located on the outskirts of the city.

8 Interesting Facts about NIT Trichy

1. NIT Trichy is considered among the top 15 engineering institutes of India, and the best among all the NITs.

 According to the experienced student of the NIT Trichy, they believe that the credibility of the above statement depends on how you “judge” the NIT. If your judgment is purely based on the packages and placement, then I can assure with no doubt that NIT Trichy is not just the best among all the NIT’s but also better than a few IIT’s. Moreover, if you also take into account mess food, student facilities, internet access, and faculty profiles, then there is a doubt.

2. Students have a much greater role to play here than any other college.

It is true, students of the NIT Trichy are not just mere college-going children, but they are even involved in the extra and co-curricular works, clubs and projects of far greater significance. While the computing clubs like the Delta Force are the sole in charge of the college website & LAN, the entrepreneurship club ECELL have made their presence felt across the globe with their flagship annual event Ventura. Apart from that, there is a leisure club-like Movie Making, Photography, Karate, Dance Troupe, Music Troupe, etc. Other technical clubs include the Sun Club(JAVA & Open Source Apps) and GLUG-T(Linux & FOSS).

3. An abundant number of events for the students to keep them busy for the entire year.

NIT Trichy can boast of a huge number of quality students events that take place on a yearly basis. It ranges widely from the fresher parties which are organized by the student’s clubs to various kinds of campus games and contests, along with the academic classes on Matlab, JAVA, Web, C++, etc. by the technical clubs. However, the college’s main events like the Festember, Pragyan, NITT Fest that are entirely managed by the students with the literally no intervention from the authorities.

 4. The prestigious Bachelor of Survival degree (B.Surv).

Every student of the NIT Trichy gets not only a B.Tech degree but also a B.Surv degree. By the survival in the NIT Trichy, it means surviving the extremities the authorities that push the students into. With exams next morning and power being cut-off from your hostels, with the horrible quality of mess food, with the drinking water problems and just ten kbps internet access; if you are still able to complete your B.Tech in 4 years, then you truly are worthy of the B.Surv.

 5. NIT Trichy is a haven for Computer Science and VLSI students.

As far as the VLSI is concerned, the NIT Trichy is considered to be as the “best” in the country. The faculty of the ECE Department is especially dedicated towards the VSLI and have a number of modern laboratories for that purpose.

OCTAGON, the largest computing centre is even full of high-end computers and its 24X7 availability along with a huge library and e-library that has turned it into a driving factor for the students to get interested in computing.

6. Quality food is abundant, but be ready to empty your pockets.

Forget the mess for the one day, and you have a wide range of places as alternatives. There are not much more food locations in any institute of the country.

Inside the campus, you have a bakery, a restaurant, an ice-cream parlour, another bakery cum restaurant cum ice-cream parlour, a juice corner, a milkshake shop, one Liptonteal stall, one Bru, and two Nescafe stall. Just outside the campus, you have three dhabas, a proper restaurant and a number of small food stalls as well.

7. Placement Scenario

The placement scenario for all the departments is good with most branches recording more than 90% placements. In the year 2013, the average compensation offered for the NIT Trichy recruitment was around six lacs per annum, with the highest package being around $125000 per annum.

Some of the recruiters that visited the NIT Trichy placement were Honeywell, Yahoo, Oracle, NTPC, Nomura, Microsoft, Facebook, Saipem, SunEdison, Intel, MAcFree, to name a few.

Some of the on-campus interviews are conducted, and NITTrichy has a good placement record. HP< Godrej, Reliance, Facebook, Ashok Leyland, Oracle, HSBC, TVS also visit the campus each year.

8. College Fests of NIT Trichy

The technical fest ‘Pragyan’ attracts innovation from across the state. It provides with a plethora of Workshops which is ranging from advanced robotics to aeromodelling to fabrication to ethical hacking to rocket science to animations – you name it, and you have it!

Pragyan also provides the participants with a sneak peek at the future through its wide range of the array of exhibitions every year. NASA moon rock sample, human brain-controlled helicopter, vintage Cars, Indian Missiles, 3D printer are just a few from the lot!

Students can indulge their artistic spirit with the tow day ‘NITTFEST’ that sees a creative input in art. During the NITTFEST, departments square off against each other more than two days, on an even keel, a battle over the debates, quizzes, music, terpsichorean delights and more – small battles which is fought under the umbrella of a big war.


We have mentioned a few of the interesting facts about NIT Trichy. Comment on this post if you know any other interesting facts about NIT Trichy, we would love to hear from you.

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