Do you remember the time when you had to keep an actual journal planner if you wanted to sort out your day? It seems like such an ancient thing to do these days because of our immense use of apps in our daily lives. There’s an app for virtually anything these days, whether its keeping track of your finances or even if you want to start dating someone.

But with so many apps available, you may wonder which ones would be the most useful to a person like yourself. As a result, we’ve decided to write a more substantial article featuring some of the best apps that students can use in their daily lives. We’ve tried to include a little something for everyone too. To make it convenient for everyone, we’ve also tried to provide links for all of the apps in this list.

So without further ado, here are 75 great apps that every student should get:

1. Allows you to set up to-do lists and tasks.
2. Inbox by Gmail: Good old Gmail. But did you know that you can even add email id’s from other domains to your inbox?
3. Dropbox: The most used cloud storage app in colleges and offices alike. Great for sharing files with your friends and professors.
4. Gives you news articles from several publications and feeds which you can customize and share with your friends.
5. Scribd: A subscription service for E-books and audiobooks.
6. CliffsNotes: Gives you access to several student guides online. The app is essentially an extension of the real-life service that offers pamphlets containing a summarized version of the plot of a literature book.
7. Mathway: A great app to solve math problems, specifically algebra problems.
8. iTunes U: Apple’s service that caters to colleges and schools. Check out whether your college provides material that can be downloaded on iTunes U.
9. Easybib: Helps you in researching and writing your assignments. Check out our earlier article where we covered Easybib in more detail.
10. Studious: Helps you in planning your study schedule.
11. Uh… I’m pretty sure you’ll know what this app does from the name.
12. The Oxford Dictionary: Like but from England which makes it slightly better.
13. SelfControl: This app will let you block other apps that can get quite distractive while studying. Be warned though, this app may be called Self Control but it definitely does not trust you to have any self-control. It’ll be clear if you use it.
14. TED: Talks and speeches related to Technology, Entertainment and Design. A great way to pass the time.
15. RealCalc Scientific Calculator: The best calculator app if you’re looking to utilize complex mathematical functions.

16. JumpCut: Allows you to access your clipboard i.e where everything that you cut and copy is stored.
17. Chegg Books: You can rent or buy textbooks with Chegg Books. A great way to access study material for cheaper.
18. Google Drive: Online cloud storage and synchronization for files.
19. Viber: Its probably been a while since you’ve used or even thought of “Viber” but it is still an excellent app for free calls and messages.
20. Duolingo: A great app to learn new languages with. Most languages are supported however, we recommend that you double check this with the app yourself.

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21. Snap2PDF: It’s exactly like it sounds. The app converts pictures into pdf files. Use it to make computer documents for notes that you take down in class.
22. Clear ToDos: A list making app that is simple to both use and follows.
23. Google Pay: There’s a good chance that you use this app anyway. But if you don’t, get it today. It makes payments and transferring cash to people much easier.
24. TwitchThe biggest app for live streaming. Fun fact, Twitch is owned by Amazon.
25. Pocket: Helps you bookmark and save articles so that you can read them when you have a little bit more time.
26. EducreationsA social media app designed specifically for students and teachers to connect and share ideas.
27. ZomatoYou can check out the best places to eat near you with this app. In addition to this, you can also order food from supported restaurants.
28. Wolfram AlphaIf you’ve got a doubt in any subject at all, chances are that this app will clear it.
29. Trello: The best project-management application in the market, hands down.
30. SlackA communication tool that is more official in nature when compared to something like WhatsApp or Facebook.
31. OFFTIMEAllows you to monitor your phone usage and will even allow you to block a list of apps and websites that you do not want to get distracted by.
32. Todoist: The best planning tool that can be used for both professional and personal purposes.
33. MintYou can track your finances and spend with this app. It is also a great app for business and finance related news.
34. SchollyHelps you in researching and applying for scholarships
35. Circle of 6: A security app which enables you to choose 6 of your friends as emergency contacts. Read this article to find out more.
36. HeadspaceMeditation and relaxation exercises that are quite extensive.
37. MyFitnessPal: Helps in tracking your calorie and exercise habits. Will also provide you with an optimized diet and exercise plan based on these habits.
38. FoursquareA social media site that focuses on the places that you go to. You can recommend particular places to eat or places to go to your friends on Foursquare.
39. Telegram: The most secure communication app in the world. However, do be aware that while the encryption is solid, the developer is Chinese which means that the Chinese government can access your information from telegram whenever they see fit.
40. SpotifyThe ultimate stop for your music needs. A massive library, customized playlists every day and even the option to go to concerts through their contests; what more do you need from a music app?41. Office Lens: An extension to Microsoft’s OneNote. Office lens will allow you to click pictures of documents which Office Lens then edits to look like a properly scanned document.
42. StudyBlueGives students access to good study material including papers, presentations, quizzes etc
43. SwiggyIndia’s #1 food delivery app. They say so themselves.
44. Uber EatsLike Swiggy but by Uber.
45. PhotomathYou can use this app to solve equations you have written down.
46. Khan AcademyAnother fantastic app for students to research and learn their syllabus.
47. 2048: This game is deceptively simple but you’ll end up spending hours just trying to get that 65536 tiles.
48. myHomework Student Planner: Helps students in planning their assignments and projects.
49. GoConqrProvides students with learning material such as quizzes and flashcards among others.
50. Netflix: The first of our three streaming services today. Probably has the best collection but is the most expensive of the 3.

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51. Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video is a good middle-ground between the two in terms of cost. You can get this free by purchasing an Amazon Prime subscription.
52. HotstarHotstar is the least lucrative of the three but if you mainly consume Bollywood and Hindi media in general, this will be your best option.
53. GeoGebra Graphing CalculatorAllows you to graph functions and equations. This is a must-have for all you students currently studying statistics or economics.
54. Appblock: Like the name suggests, this app will allow you to block other apps.
55. SimpleMind ProHelps you in mapping your thought process which in turn will help you understand concepts better.
56. Timetable: Yet another student planner app. What can we say, planning is a very important function to students.
57. SkypeVideo calls, Audio calls and text messaging, all for free. Probably your best option if you want to video chat in particular.
58. Tango: Tango is essentially a worse version of twitch.
59. TinderAn app where you can swipe through profiles and meet new people.
60. Bumble: The app functions exactly like Tinder with one stark difference. Only women can send the first message in the case of a match.
61. RedbusIf you want to go out of town by bus, Redbus is your first and possibly your only destination.
62. Uber: If you need a cab or auto at short notice, Uber is the way to go.
63. Pokemon GoThis app will probably get you exercising more than the actual exercise apps on this list.
64. Reddit: Often called the front page of the internet. Reddit is a great way to pass the time and to meet others with the same interests as you.
65. QuoraQuora is a question and answer website, similar to yahoo answers.
66. Brainscape: An app that is specifically dedicated to creating and using flashcards.
67. Officesuite: The ability to make and work on Excel, PowerPoint, Word and PDF documents all in a single app.
68. Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe’s official phone app to view and read PDF files.
69. Planner Pro: Yes, another student planning application. There is a free version available too if you do not mind the ads.
70. Freelancer.comA great place to make money if you’re looking to put your skills to work.
71. Indeed.comOne of the best job sites out there. This app can also help college students in finding an internship they like.
72. FB Classic: Helps in keeping track of expenses through the recording of invoices and income.
73. Dragon Anywhere: A creation and dictation tool for documents.
74. Meditation Music – Relax, YogaThis app will give you particular music that is suited for meditation and relaxation purposes.
75. Twitter: If you’ve got a wacky thought and its under 400 characters in length, post it on your Twitter. It’s a great way to socialize.

And Lastly,

76. StuCredThe best app for college students to get a little extra money. What’s better is that we don’t charge any interest at all! Click here to find out more.

Thanks for reading!

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