interesting facts about the malaviya national institute of technology

In this article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) that you might not know until now.

Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) took off in the year 1963, as a Malaviya Regional Engineering College in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

It was promoted as a joint venture of the India Government and the Rajasthan Government. As of now, MNIT began operating from its campus at Pilani and took around 30 admissions each in the mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering departments.

Later in 1965, the college shifted to its present address, Jaipur. It was eventually rechristened to Malaviya National Institute of Technology on the 26th of June 2002 and declared an ‘Institute of National Importance’ on August 15, 2007.

The college is funded entirely by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has seen more than 12000 students graduate from its campus. The institute has around 2500 students and more than 300 faculty members.

MNIT has been consistently ranked among the top fifty engineering colleges in India and boasts around excellent placement with some of the big names such as the Samsung, NTPC, IOCL, Tata Motors, Deloitte, NetApp, DeShaw recruiting from the campus every year.

11 Interesting facts about the Malaviya National Institute of Technology


MNIT provides eight undergraduate courses of 4 years duration for the Bachelor of Technology degree. And one 5-year undergraduate course leading to the Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Postgraduate degrees at the institute include the Master of Science, Master of Technology. And also Master of Business Administration, and Master of Urban Planning. MNIT has around 300students enrolled in the doctoral programs. The institute boasts active involvement in the development, research, and consultancy. Has also collaborated with the leading industrial organizations and IT companies in different projects.

Some of the courses offered at MNIT are Architecture Applied Biology Aerospace Engineering Biosystems Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Department of Management Studies Explosive Engineering Electrical Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Energy Science & Technology Geological Engineering Geomatics Engineering Humanities Industrial Engineering Mathematics Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Engineering ManufacturingEngineering Mechanical Engineering Nano-technology Physics Robotics Statistics Structural Engineering Textile Engineering Urban Engineering Extra-CurricularActivities MNIT promotes a host of co-curricular activities ranging from sports such as football, tennis, basketball, badminton, table-tennis, and volleyball, to cultural programs.

It organizes one of the biggest technical festivals in India‘Neuron’ annually, with around 10000 students attending it from all across the country. The institute also conducts the MNIT sports Tournament which sees the participation from the students of the IIT’s, NIIT’s and some other premier institutes. MNIT is a member of the Inter NIT sports federation.

Education System:

The academic performance of a student is graded on a 10-point scale, the letter grades awarded to a student in all the courses are converted into a semester, and cumulative performance index called the Cumulative GradePoint Average and Semester Grade Point Average respectively. A system offered back by the students about the instructor and the course is also in practice.


There are separate Hostels for the boys and girls. There are around nine fully furnished Hostels, 8 for boys and 1 for girls. Each room is furnished with cots, study tables, and storage space.

Basic amenities are provided, and entertainment facilities in the form of Cable TV room and table tennis are available in each Hostel. Each Hostel has an incoming phone with Indian Telephone card Facilities. A dining hall and common room of Hostel is fully air-cooled.

The international student hostel for boys houses around 12doubled seated suites. There is also a Married student hostel for the student pursuing the degrees of PhD or MTech in the institute and wishing to stay with their families. There is a mess attached to each hostel which is fully maintained by students through MNIT mess Council and Mess Committees.

Central Computer Centre:

The Centre is equipped with a state of the art equipment. The facilities provided in the centre are organized in 3 laboratories, Software& Hardware Central Pool and all the Laboratories are connected to the internet. The institute is facilitated with a leased line providing 344 Mbps internet bandwidth.

The institute Network now covers the entire academic area which includes the dispensary, hostels, sports office, and guests houses. With the addition of 8 location with the ADSL connectivity and 300 points with theCAT-5 and optical fibre backbone. The institute gives 24×7 internet connectivity to gives access for thee emailing and browsing to everyone in the institute.

Central Library:

The institute has a spacious and well-equipped library which is being run according to an open access system. It has a rich collection of around 133600 volumes of books, reports, reference material. Additionally, to the books from the main library, some more books are issued to the student from the book bank.

There is also a video viewing facility. A large number of books, video cassettes, periodicals, and CR-ROMs are available. The CDNET facilities are to be developed very soon. The library has procured LIBSYS Software and started the computerization of in-house data. Nearly 1000 Electronic Journals can be accessed full text with the sites of the main e-publishers.

Wi-Fi Campus:

The entire campus has been provided with the state-of-the-art network. It has been extended on an optical fibre backbone to cover each and every corner of the institute. The campus has also been made by the Wi-Fi.

Admission for the International Students:

The foreign national studying in any country which includes the India and Indian students studying abroad are eligible for the admission to the various engineering program at the university.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

Entrepreneurship Development Cell has been sponsored by theNational Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Board, Departments of Science and Technology Government of India.

The cell has been set up to spread entrepreneurship, with the research, education, and training, thus accelerating economic growth, by increasing the supply of the new entrepreneurs and strengthen the performance of the existing ones.

Industry Institute Partnership Cell:

The University has set up a separate Industry InstitutePartnership Cell under the aegis of the AICTE for the purpose of providing some of the technological know-how of a rapidly changing work environment.

t conducts the interactions programs, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, symposiums, and continuing education programs.

It also participates with some other national and international societies. They have similar objects such as aThe IndUS entrepreneurship and Confederation of the Indian Industry.

Training and Placement Cell:

The Department of Training and Placement provides on the job practice training and placement services to the students of engineering and architecture. Practical training is arranged in private/public manufacturing industries, government engineering departments, etc.

The Training curriculum offers for 75days of Practical Training in two spells of 30 and 45 days after the IV and VI semester examination.

In the academic year 2007-2008, 87organizations visited/conducted interviews for the recruitment of the final year student. And selected 355 students out of a total of 371 eligible students.

Additionally, out of that 34 students of the MMS/MTECH were also selected. Maximum, Minimum, and Average Package offer by the companies were INR 10.3 Lacs, INR 2.65 PA Lacs, and INR 3.7 LPA respectively.

Sports facilities:

Indoor Sports facilities include table tennis, chess, yoga, weight lifting, multi-gym, Badminton, aerobics, meditation, and sports rehabilitation centre. Outdoor facilities include the cricket, football, volleyball, tennis, hockey, track and field.

Every year students get selected in various games & sports teams to represent the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur for participation in the AIU tournaments of the country.


We have mentioned a few of the interesting facts about the Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT). Comment on this post if you know any other interesting facts about MNIT, we would love to hear from you.

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