Interesting Facts about Centurion University

There are many interesting facts about The Centurion University of Technology and Management. It is located in the town of the Paralakhamundi. This town is in the Gajapat district of Odisha. It was set up in the year 2010, with the full university status, with UGC recognition.

This centre in Bhubaneshwar was opened later, along with another in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Regional campuses exist elsewhere in Odisha, in the towns of Chhatrapur, Rayagada, and Bolangir. But the seeds of the now sprawling group began in the year 2005, with the takeover of the then-struggling Jagannath Institute of Technology and Management.

This centre in Bhubaneshwar was opened later, along with another in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Regional campuses exist elsewhere in Odisha, in the towns of Chhatrapur, Rayagada, and Bolangir. But the seeds of the now sprawling group began in the year 2005, with the takeover of the then-struggling Jagannath Institute of Technology and Management.

The CUTM became the youngest ever institute in India to be accredited by the NAAC, even ending up with an A grade rating. The NBA has now done likewise. A separate IQAC has been created to this end, to make sure that all the terms of the NAAC are compiled with. An AQAR gets generated to quantify the results.

Now the CUTM has even been named by the NITI Aayog as the Gram Tarang, or model educational institution for the state of Odisha. All this has impressed reviewers enough for the NIRF to place the CUTM within the 151-200 band among all universities.

The course is available at the CUTM right from the Undergraduate till doctoral levels. Courses are run in the academic areas of engineering, Architecture, Sciences, Commerce, Humanities, Management, and Pharmacy.

At the master level, the options of the program get more specialized and varied. The option of an MBA is also present. One can even go for an integrated B. Tech Plus MBA program which runs for the duration of five years. Another area where the CUTM has made a name for itself is the diploma courses.  

Several of them are available, which aims at skill enhancement. They are available in several techs and engineering areas, with the shorter-term study durations. A team of educators from Australia is overseeing this skill development wing here. Doctoral programs may also likewise, be pursued in here.

The CUTM is also renowned for its use of tech for the academic purpose. This is why it has made use of the Virtual Labs, which makes use of the technology developed by the Amrita Group of Institutions.

There are several institutes nationally participating int his scheme for the Virtual Labs. Some of the prominent signatories of this include the likes of the IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee, NIT Karnataka, IIT Kharagpur, COE Pune, IIT Kanpur, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and Dayalbagh Educational Institute and several more. The course material at the CUTM has also been enabled on its open learning courseware.

There is a thriving campus life here at the CUTM. The Horizon is the official student magazine published from the university chronicling all student activities. Newsletters are also periodically published here, by the different departments and schools. The flagship student tech fest here is known as the Gajayoti and sees participation from wide and far. TheCenturion Journal of Multidisciplinary research also gets published from the university own publications wing here.

Research is a key part of the CUTM in Odisha. For this, several schools have been established within the campus, which is much more dedicated to the specific areas of research. There is one Centurion UniversityCentre for the Renewable Energy and Environment, working in an area of urgent demand within the region. There is also the institute for the knowledge and societies, comprising of the Schools of the Media and Communication.

One of the most interesting facts about Centurion university is that The School of Architecture is named after the Shri MS Swaminathan, who even played a leading role in India green revolution. The other schools are here for the areas of the Education, Teacher, Forensic Science, Vocational Training, Education, Applied Science, Disaster Management, Media & Communication, Pharmacy & Life Science, Engineering & Technology and one for the open & distance education.

The CUTM has been a leader when it comes to forging international research or academic ties. It is a partner to the USIEF. This even enables ease in facilitating exchange programs for both the students, as well as the faculty members. Some of the international ties have been with the educational institutions in the USA, France, and Australia.

Some of the examples include the: Deakin University, Western Sydney University, Leonardo DaVinci University, University of California. Consulting assignments have also been signed with various leading industry players or government bodies.

EY has been cited the CUTM as a benchmark institution for “Creating SustainableLivelihoods and Social Enterprise.” Some other assignments have been taken up with the likes of British Council, Accenture, Yamaha Motors, Cafe Coffee Day, Hyundai, SAP India, Schneider, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Eicher, Pearson VUE, NSDC, SEDA, and several others.

Facilities at Centurion University


Paralakhemundi campus has nine hostels in total, 6 for boys and 3 for girls. The hostels are named as Mahanadi Boy’s hostel, IndiravatiBoy’s hostel, Nagabali Boy’s hostel, Baitarini MBA Girl’s Hostel, MBA Girl’sHostel, Mahindra Tanaya Girl’s Hostel, Rushikulya Boy’s Hostel, BansadharaBoy’s Hostel.

CSR Program:

As a part of a curriculum, all the students of the CUTM are required to participate in the sports, culture, and responsibility program during their studies. The program gives students an opportunity to learn from the experience of doing real tasks beyond the classroom, related to culture, sports, and responsibility.

Each student is required to complete a total of 30 hours of CSR activities each academic year. This should include the 10 hours of Culture, 10 hours of Sports, and 10 hours of Responsibility. After completing the activity, the Faculty Supervisor signs their record booklet.

Only students who have completed the required hours of CSR are eligible to pass that academic year. At the end of the Centurion University degree, the CSR grade will be reflected in the final Grade Sheet, and the student will receive the CSR booklet listing all of the CSR activities he has completed. This can be used for his/her Resume.

Information about the student clubs, meetings including details like their contact, CSR updates, and Faculty-in-Charge are displayed on the CSR activity information Board on campus.


It has a collection of the periodicals, newspapers and reference books. The digital library subscribers to different electronic resources like the Elsevier, Science Direct, ASME, IEEE, Industrial Outlookfrom CMIE, N-List Programme from Inflibinet and J-Gate.


The e-classrooms are equipped with Audio-Visual aids, Internet, Computers, Laptop, Intranet, Video conferencing, Tablets, LCDProjectors, E-Learning materials, etc.

Internet Facility:

The University has a 1GB broadband lease line internet connectivity.


The university provides various scholarships to the meritorious students, to students whose family is financially weak, students from the SC, ST, OBC, and Minority.


Paralakhemundi campus has a fully computerized brand of the Oriental Bank of India with the 24-hour ATM facility.

Post Office:

Paralakhemundi campus has a Branch Post Inside the campus and offers postal services like the Postal order, Money orders, Postage,


Paralakhemundi campus has around 14 buses for the students and staff commuting from nearby areas such as the Srikakulam, Palasa, Pathpatnam and Tekkali. Bus facility is available from campus to Bhubaneswar viaKhurda, Palasa, and Berhampur. Bus service from the CUTM campus to Indrabativia Gunpur, Koraput, jeypore, Nawrangpur, and Rayagada are also available.

Health Centre:

Paralakhemundi campus has a dispensary in the campus, and a qualified doctor is appointed to offer regular and intensive medical care to the student. An emergency ambulance is also available round the clock.


The University offers facilities for outdoor games like Volleyball, Football, Lawn tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Basketball, and Cricket. There are also facilities for indoor games like the Carom, Chess, Table tennis, etc.


There are several clubs which organizes various activities from time to time.

Seminar Halls:

These are well equipped with the visual and audio systems and used for the events such as the Intra, Meeting, and Inter-Department level seminars, workshops, etc.

Placement Cells:

The Placement cell utilizes academic modules and intensive training programs to develop students as per the industry requirement. The cell partners with several companies for campus recruitment. The curriculum is developed in consultation with the constant feedback, and industry partners are sought to challenge and improve upon the existing curricula.


We have mentioned all the interesting facts about Centurion University. Comment on this post if you know any other interesting facts about CUTM, we would love to hear from you.

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